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  • Scholarships!  See Ms. Walden for any Questions or Details!!

    Beta Sigma Psi is offering 2 scholarships available to Lutheran male students who will be starting college in the fall.  The Christian Leadership Award will be offering $1,500 to a well-qualified individual.  The Martin Luther Scholarship is a $2,000 award to a young man who will be attending a 4 year college in the fall.  See Ms. Walden for details.  Due 2/17/17

    Operation Round Up Scholarship.  There are 2 $1,000 and 4 $500 scholarships available to students who have a parent or legal guardian that is a consumer of Kankakee Valley REMC.  See Ms. Walden for details. Due 3/2/17

    Lions Club Scholarship will be offering 2 $500 scholarships to graduating seniors planning on attending college in the fall.  See Ms. Walden for details. Due 3/10/17

    PNW general scholarship application is offered at http://admissions.pnw.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/  Due 3/10/17

    Construction Advancement Foundation is offering $2, 500 annual scholarships.  Students must be pursuing a career in construction or related field and have a high school GPA of 3.0 or greater. Visit www.cafnwin.org or Ms. Walden for details. Due 3/31/17

    Jerry Karstens Athletic Scholarship is offering $1, 500 to a graduating senior in LaPorte County who has participated in at least one sport during their senior year. See Ms. Walden for details. Due 4/7/17

    Susan Hay Hemminger Scholarship Foundation is offering up to $5,000 for legal residents of LaPorte County who are accepted/enrolled full time to pursue a 2 or 4 year degree to an accredited college or tech school. www.uflc.net See Ms. Walden for more details. Due 4/15/17

    Aviation Scholarship will be offering a $1,500 scholarship to an individual pursuing a career in an aviation-related field.  Applications are available at www.cessna170.org or see Ms. Walden for details.  Due 4/30/17

    LaCrosse Alumni Association is offering 2 $500 scholarships for LaCrosse seniors who have been accepted at an educational institution. This may include a university or technical program.  Due 5/1/17